Pas vu pas pris
  • Countries :
  • Release date : 1998
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Length : 78min
  • Actors : Francois Leotard, Alain Duhamel, Anne Sinclair
  • Director : Pierre Carles
  • Rating: 7.6

"Pas vu, pas pris" starts with a subject filmed 2 years ago ; ordered then forbidden to broadcasting by Canal + : it was "Pas vu à la télé". Bernard Benyamin, Henri de Virieux, Patrick de Carolis, Anne Sinclair, Charles Villeneuve (amongst others) appear before the candid camera of Pierre Carles, for once subjected to an investigation that concerns their profession. After proclaiming that there is no taboo subject on television, they discover a pirate document showing Étienne Moujeotte and François Léotard in a business discussion about the destinies of TF1. Question asked : would they have agreed to broadcast this document and if not, why not ? The investigation itself is objectively searching : anything can be said on TV except one thing, the more or less close collusion of journalists and the political powers. Pierre Carles gives us a sharp reflection on the scope of this "fourth power" that the media have become, and on the compromises of those who are its masters.


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